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Hello World!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Finally you are here. I am so excited to meet you in my Sichuan kitchen.

Don't be tricked by the strange name. This blog won't be all about Sichuan food or Chinese food, though I also plan introduce you that Sichuan food is much bigger than spicy food.

I grew up in Sichuan region in China, studying in Shanghai and dc area, and now live in LA. It's my hometown where I first understood the true tastes of food. That's why I name my blog my Sichuan Kitchen. But actually, my home cooking style is more like fusion, influenced by the places I lived, travelled, and loved.

It has been a long-time dream for me to write about food, recipes, and most importantly, the stories around food. But the actual trigger point for me has been this pandemic. During the quarantine, I've witnessed that the restaurants we love are struggling to survive, normal people are struggling to practice home cooking, and Asian people and restaurants are been attacked out of hates and fears. Can these be healed by delicious food? I don't know, but perhaps we can understand a little bit more about each other by a bowl of ramen, or a whole cake.

Delicious food connects people. I hope one day, my Sichuan kitchen can do it as well.

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